Sunday, January 3, 2010

Handmade Holidays

My younger sister Christy told me that my blog has been rather lacking lately. I kindly reminded her that I had been updating the private blog, but she didn't seem satisfied. So I decided to blog all about our handmade holidays before she has a chance to blog about it. That'll teach her to complain!

In mid-October my older sister Amber suggested that we exchange handmade gifts this year. I had been going back and forth on whether I would make Christmas gifts this year, but when I heard that everyone was up for the challenge, I knew I had to participate as well. Even though it was a little stressful at times, I think it was worth it.

Here are some of my favorites.

My mom prepared a large brunch and dinner the day we celebrated. Before dinner she explained that she had prepared something special for each person. She had contacted each of our husbands' mothers to get some of the favorite family recipes. She also made each family a cookbook with family recipes.

M. received two really cute books. Amber made a quiet book she called "Let Me Do It!" Each page has something to do -- attach the dog leash to the collar, zip/unzip the dress, unbuckle a belt. Christy made a texture book -- bumpy, silky, etc.

Here are a two pages from "Let Me Do It!":

Quiet book

Quiet book

I don't have photos of the book Christy made, but you can see it on Christy's blog here.

I made the aunt and uncle dolls from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules with Fabric book for my nephew. (I also made them for Brian's niece.) I try to make gifts that include our photos for our young nieces and nephew so they'll recognize us when they see us. :)

Sammy's aunt + uncle taggies

Christy made a really cool gift for our niece, but I won't spoil her fun by telling you all about it and posting photos. Suffice it to say, it's been a big hit around here and I've already told her that M. would love one for her birthday or next Christmas. Keep an eye on her blog, because I'm sure she'll post all about it.

There were a lot of other great gifts as well, but I didn't take very many photos. I received an apron and a cargo scarf (a scarf with pockets and key chain). And I gave key chain wallets, pajama pants, an art caddy and a sticker book. I'm sure my sisters will share photos of more gifts on their blogs here: Amber and Christy.


melissa said...

those aunt and uncle dolls are adorable...can you share the pattern?

I LOVE the "Let's Do It" book - will she make and sell them??? :)

And what a great idea to go for a handmade Christmas!!!

Christy said...

Thanks for finally posting--too bad it was all stuff that I have already posted about :)

Alisha said...

Melissa - Thanks, I love the aunt and uncle dolls too. :) I got the pattern from Amy Karol's book "Bend the Rules with Fabric", so I can't pass it on. But it would be easy enough to improvise without the pattern. Just find a free body for paper dolls (or draw the body if you're artistic!), then photoshop your head on top. You can use an iron-on transfer, or print directly to the fabric. (I printed on the fabric.) You can buy fabric to print on from Dharma Trading Co. (here). Or I think you can print on any fabric if you iron it to freezer paper before feeding it through the printer. Then you just cut out the basic shape, cut out another piece of fabric for the back and sew together. I added the ribbons to make it a taggy toy.

I don't think my sister is planning on making any more books to sell, but she reads this blog so I suppose she can correct me if I'm wrong.

Christy - Glad you enjoyed the post. I guess it's about time that I borrow some material from your blog since you've been stealing my material for years. :)